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How to Make Dry Carpet Cleaner

Are you tired of all the complex cleaning methods? There are also numerous types of cleaners out there, different brands and various chemicals used. Most of the buyers end up confused about the right cleaning solution that their carpet will need. The right home-made cleaner can save you all the cleaning problems, as well as some cash. And it is not even hard to make one, just follow this simple guide and clean your carpet the right way.

The fundamentals of the dry carpet cleaning are to use a powdered substance, without any water involvement, and absorb the loosening dirt, moisture and odours. Compared to the carpet steam cleaning method, there is no drying time at all and you can successfully clean your rug efficiently with both methods. So here is the recipe to make an environmentally-friendly cleaning product for your carpet.

The baking soda is the main ingredient, so make sure you have some. You can add some borax and cornstarch to improve some of the cleaning effects. They will make your cleaner more absorbent. The right combination of these ingredients is four parts baking soda, one part cornstarch and ½ part of dry borax powder. Make sure to add some dry herbs, like sage or mint. They will give your cleaning solution a very nice scent.

When your mixture is ready, it is time to apply your home-made cleaner. If you have no idea how to do use the dry cleaning substance, I will explain. Use a cup or spoon to sprinkle it around. Make sure to treat the central areas of your carpet with more of your cleaner, as they get most of the traffic. Then let the cleaner stay there for a several hours. It will be good to leave it overnight for the best performance. The carpet steam cleaning London professionals advise to wait at least 8 hours before continue with the vacuuming. At the morning the time will come for you to vacuum your rug. Do it slowly and repeat the central parts of the carpet.

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